About Our Hummus

We start by soaking chickpeas for 24 hours. Then we bake them until they’re fall-apart tender. They are then mixed with tahini, olive oil, lemon, and a pinch of salt. We add a hint of garlic and maybe a little more lemon and repeat this process several times a day, to guarantee our hummus is always fresh.


Maine Root Fountain Soda 303

House Brewed Organic Iced Tea 280

Spindrift Seltzer / Cawston Soda 280

Bottled Spring Water 210


Extra Pita, Pita Chips or Carrots 117

Hummus To-Go 327

Tzatziki To-Go 327

Side of Falafel 327

Side of House-Made Persian Pickles 093

Sweet Street Choc Chunk Cookie 257


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